Women's League

2023 Ladies League Schedule

Ladies League Bylaws /docs/BYLAWS (3).pdf

April: 27th SCRAMBLE

May: 4th SCRAMBLE, 11th RED-BLUE  Results. /docs/Ladies league May 11th 2023.xlsx

18th INVITATIONAL, 25th Toss Worst. Results. /docs/WGA 2023 Results May 25th.pdf

June: 1st SCRAMBLE,/docs/WGA 2023 week 5 2.0.pdf 8th MOST NET PARS,/docs/WGA 2023 Most Net Pars 3.0.pdf 15th ODD HOLES,/docs/WGA 2023 Odd Holes.pdf 22nd RED-BLUE,/docs/WGA 2023 Blue vs Red 3.0.pdf 29th T's & F's /docs/WGA 2023 T's & F's.pdf

July: 6th SCRAMBLE, /docs/WGA 2023 Scramble July 6th.pdf13th RED-BLUE,/docs/WGA 2023 Results blue vs red july 13th.pdf 20th POKER HAND, 27th BEAT the PRO/docs/WGA 2023 Results Beat the pro 2.0.pdf

August: 3rd SCRAMBLE,/docs/WGA August Scramble.pdf 10th RED-BLUE,/docs/WGA August RED VS BLUE.pdf 17th SPRINGFIELD LADIES,/docs/WGA 2023 Springfield Ladies.pdf 24th EVEN HOLES. 31st Low Putts/docs/WGA 2023 Low Putts.pdf

September: 7th SCRAMBLE/docs/WGA 2023 September Scramble.pdf, 14th LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP/docs/WGA 2023 Results League Championship.pdf, 21st RED-BLUE /docs/WGA 2023 Results Blue VS Red September.pdf28th REVENGE/docs/WGA 2023 Rob's Revenge.pdf

Ladies Club Championship will be Saturday September 16th.